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6 Amazing Benefits of Juicing Vegetables!

17/03/2013 12 comments

vegetable-juiceRediscover the benefits of juicing vegetables as an adult through a raw food diet. You can’t have dessert until you eat your vegetables! Many of us often heard this ultimatum at dinnertime, while we were growing up. And for that reason many of us have developed a lifelong dislike for certain veggies, with leafy greens and spinach being some of the usual suspects. However, as an adult you can rediscover vegetables through a raw food diet and the benefits of juicing vegetables.

Why did we hate certain vegetables as kids? This could have been due to the preparation of the veggies. Perhaps they were canned, frozen, or overcooked. Yes, raw veggies can be an acquired taste after maintaining unhealthy diets for years. However, juicing vegetables produces a tasty and healthy drink.

Here are some of the biggest benefits:

1. Juicing optimizes the quantity of vegetables that you consume

It’s now recommended that we consume at least five full servings of vegetables every day, but  it’s much more practical to juice than to eat two, three, or four pounds of veggies daily!  Read more…


Anti-Aging Food Pyramid!

05/03/2013 11 comments


By: Chef Wendell
Concerned about how fast you are aging?
Maybe this new Anti-Aging pyramid will give you some helpful tips.
Eating foods that go against our nature is the same as driving your new car with the peddle to the metal constantly. Foods that are easy to digest benefit successful digestion and the complete absorption of all our required nutrients supplied by God’s Universal apothecary.
Every food we eat leaves it’s imprint on our health. Make every mouthful meaningful.
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