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Diet of dates and milk diet effective

05/02/2013 9 comments

Diet of dates and milk diet effective and easy.

If you are looking for an effective and easy diet and one of the most accursed systems, the effectiveness of the diet of dates and milk help you get rid of excess weight.

That the diet of dates and milk helps in reducing weight quickly and without symptoms of offenders for diet, because diet of dates and milk depends on reducing the calories up to the body.

Begin to view the table of dates and milk diet effective: take the 21 Tamra throughout the day, by 7 dates at each meal with drink a glass of milk the average fat content in each meal.

What are the benefits of diet of dates and milk? when dealing with dates with milk feel full and this in turn reduces the amount of total per day, you should know that all Tamra contains 20 calories, and a glass of milk the average fat gives the body 120 calories, then diet dates and milk gives your body 780 calories a day.  diet of dates and milk protein contains a high nutritional value and is an indication that there was no risk of protein deficiency in the program.

Dates over the health and body fitness:  benefits of dates in your program: – contains a high proportion of carbohydrates for energy generation, sugar, fructose and glucose.  – contains a high percentage of vitamin B.  – helps in the treatment of anemia because it contains iron.

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