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Lychee Fruit Benefits and Nutrition Facts: The gift for a joyful life!

27/05/2013 11 comments

hs_lycheeDelicious and juicy lychee or “Litchi” , translated from Chinese as ‘gift for a joyful life’, surely lives up to its name. The lychee fruit contains vitamins and minerals that promote a healthy diet.

Prevents growth of cancer cells:

Lychees is actually Natural Cancer Treatment, it helps  Read more…


The Reasons to Love Red Cabbage!

21/05/2013 14 comments


Red cabbage has 10 times more vitamin A than green cabbage but green cabbage has the upper hand when it comes to vitamin K, but they’re both good sources.

The rich red color of red cabbage is due to its concentration of anthocyanin polyphenols. These flavonoids are said to act as an anti-inflammatory, and play a therapeutic roles in a number of human diseases.  Read more…

World’s most expensive Cheese: Made from Donkey’s Milk!

14/05/2013 1 comment


It is said that Cleopatra, Queen of Ancient Egypt, took baths in donkey’s milk to preserve the beauty and youth of her skin. Legend has it that no less than 700 donkeys were needed to provide the quantity of milk necessary for her daily bath.


You could never imagine it but still it is true. Serbia produces the world’s most expensive and rare cheese, that too from donkey’s milk. The cheese, called Pule.

Donkey cheese is produced at only one farm in Serbia and is one of the world’s most expensive foods.

Health Benefits Of Carrots!

06/05/2013 1 comment


Naturally sweet, delicious and crunchy, carrots are healthy additions you can make to the vegetable list in your diet. Indeed, these root vegetables come with wholesome health benefiting compounds such as beta-carotenes, vitamin A, minerals and anti-oxidants in ample amounts.

  1. They are exceptionally rich source of carotenes and vitamin-A. 100 g fresh carrot contains 8285 µg of beta-carotene and 16706 IU of vitamin A. Studies have found that flavonoid compounds in carrots help protect from skin, lung and oral cavity cancers. Read more…

Health Benefits of Mangos!

30/04/2013 Leave a comment


“The king of the fruits,” mango fruit is one of the most popular, nutritionally rich fruits with unique flavor, fragrance, taste, and heath promoting qualities making it a common ingredient in new functional foods often labeled “super fruits.”

Health benefits of Mangoes

1.  Prevents Cancer:
Research has shown antioxidant compounds in mango fruit have been found to protect against colon, breast, leukemia and prostate cancers. These compounds include quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, fisetin, gallic acid and methylgallat, as well as the abundant enzymes.

2.  Lowers Cholesterol:
The high levels of fiber, pectin and vitamin C help to lower serum cholesterol levels, specifically Low-Density Lipoprotein (the bad stuff)  Read more…

Is the Popcorn Diet Healthy?

24/04/2013 43 comments


There is a weight loss diet that focuses on just about every type of food out there, and popcorn is no exception. Popcorn is a handy food that is inexpensive, easy to make and high in fiber. Eating popcorn regularly, as long as there isn’t butter or excessive salt added, can be part of a healthy, low-calorie diet for weight loss.
Buy a hot air popper and popcorn kernels, and use those items to make popcorn instead of using microwave popcorn in your diet. Pop the popcorn without using oil to keep it low-calorie. Read more…

Health Benefits of Raisins!

23/04/2013 13 comments


Raisins are very good for our health, in fact, they are considered to be one of the most nutritious dried fruits in the world.

Brain Food

One of the interesting health benefits of raisins is that it is a great brain food. Raisins contain high amounts of boron that is an essential mineral for a well-functioning brain. 100mg of raisins contains 2.2mg of boron, which is a potent brain-boosting mineral. Boron improves concentration, hand-eye co-ordination and enhances memory. Additionally, boron also helps promote the functioning of important minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Blood Pressure

Raisins not only help purify blood and eliminate toxins but they also help reduce high levels of blood pressure. There is a significant amount of Potassium, a potent mineral said to be able to help lower blood pressure, in raisins. Potassium also helps keep in check the sodium levels in our body. Too much sodium in the body is one of the root causes of high blood pressure. Read more…

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