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10 Best Foods To Make You Happier & Keep You Healthy!

24/02/2013 22 comments

by Gregory Arden


We’ve all had a rotten mood. For many people, eating food (such as junk food) can make their health worse; which only worsens their mood.

But what if there was food that was healthy, and could also act as a natural anti-depressant? There are foods that meet those qualifications! Here are the 10 best foods, that will make you happy, and keep you healthy:

1. Coconuts

Despite the fact that coconuts are most commonly found in unhealthy desserts, coconuts do contain medium-chain triglycerides. Medium-chain triglycerides are special fats that fuel better moods and promote general brain-health. Note: Coconut milk, on the other hand, is actually pretty unhealthy. Stick with unsweetened coconut shavings.

2. Eggs

Eggs contain moderate-to-large amounts of Zinc, Vitamin B, Iodine, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and protein. Not only can eggs keep you energized, they can also keep you full (stomach-wise) for longer! A 2008 study in the “International Journal of Obesity” found that people who had eggs for breakfast lost considerably more weight, compared to those who ate bagels for breakfast. Read more…


Top 10 anti-aging herbs #1 Heshouwu – Fleece-Flower Root

12/02/2013 24 comments

Fleece-Flower Root

The ancient medical text Kaibao Materia Medica states that regular use of Heshouwu helps build muscle, bones and bone marrow, and slows down the effects of aging. Modern research has found the herb can help nerve cells grow and alleviate neurasthenia and other neurological diseases. It can reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels and is also an antioxidant.

Top 10 anti-aging herbs #7 Gouqizi – Chinese Wolfberry Fruit

09/02/2013 3 comments

Chinese Wolfberry Fruit

Chinese wolfberry fruit was recorded in Shennong’s Herbal Classic as beneficial to muscles and bones and helpful for losing weight and prolonging life. The Collected Works of Materia Medica praised it as toning the Qi and blood, and promoting vitality. The herb has similar functions to ginseng. It is beneficial for resisting arteriosclerosis, reducing blood sugar levels, invigorating the body and deferring senility.

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