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Lychee Fruit Benefits and Nutrition Facts: The gift for a joyful life!

27/05/2013 11 comments

hs_lycheeDelicious and juicy lychee or “Litchi” , translated from Chinese as ‘gift for a joyful life’, surely lives up to its name. The lychee fruit contains vitamins and minerals that promote a healthy diet.

Prevents growth of cancer cells:

Lychees is actually Natural Cancer Treatment, it helps  Read more…


The Reasons to Love Red Cabbage!

21/05/2013 14 comments


Red cabbage has 10 times more vitamin A than green cabbage but green cabbage has the upper hand when it comes to vitamin K, but they’re both good sources.

The rich red color of red cabbage is due to its concentration of anthocyanin polyphenols. These flavonoids are said to act as an anti-inflammatory, and play a therapeutic roles in a number of human diseases.  Read more…

Health Benefits Of Carrots!

06/05/2013 1 comment


Naturally sweet, delicious and crunchy, carrots are healthy additions you can make to the vegetable list in your diet. Indeed, these root vegetables come with wholesome health benefiting compounds such as beta-carotenes, vitamin A, minerals and anti-oxidants in ample amounts.

  1. They are exceptionally rich source of carotenes and vitamin-A. 100 g fresh carrot contains 8285 µg of beta-carotene and 16706 IU of vitamin A. Studies have found that flavonoid compounds in carrots help protect from skin, lung and oral cavity cancers. Read more…

Watermelon Health Benefits & nutrition facts!

28/04/2013 25 comments






Watermelon has BIG benefits. Turns out this sweet and juicy treat is loaded with a compound that increases blood flow, much the same way Viagra and other “performance” drugs do!

Did you know that is it also nutrition packed too? Yes, watermelon is 92 percent water, but that other 8 percent is filled with good nutrition and amazing health benefits; so many benefits that we consider it a power food and give weekend web Watermelon Boot Camps with it. Read more…

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