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Anti-Aging Food Pyramid!

05/03/2013 11 comments


By: Chef Wendell
Concerned about how fast you are aging?
Maybe this new Anti-Aging pyramid will give you some helpful tips.
Eating foods that go against our nature is the same as driving your new car with the peddle to the metal constantly. Foods that are easy to digest benefit successful digestion and the complete absorption of all our required nutrients supplied by God’s Universal apothecary.
Every food we eat leaves it’s imprint on our health. Make every mouthful meaningful.

The anti-aging secrets experts use !

03/03/2013 5 comments

anti aging

As experts on the skin and everything that can possibly go wrong with it, dermatologists are some of the best resources available to learn how to keep our skin healthy and youthful for as long as possible! They have their fingers on the pulse of science and technology and have access to the newest surgeries, injections, peels, creams, lasers, and much, much more. However, we have found that their main recommendations don’t involve any scary lasers, injections, or surgeries! Instead, they recommend good habits and simple life changes to what we eat and drink that we can all take to slow down and prevent the appearance of aging and even begin to reverse it.
Top Tips from the Experts:

1. Choose antioxidants.

Antioxidants are among the most highly recommended ingredients for skincare products. Most dermatologists consider antioxidants in moisturizers essential to target the damage caused by free radicals and help prevent future damage to our skin cells. Just as antioxidants are recommended for the skincare products we apply topically, they are also recommended for the foods we eat! Foods rich in anti-oxidants, including vitamins C and E, are a must for aging skin.  Green tea, fruits, and dark chocolate are among the antioxidant-rich foods that  help  Read more…

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