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Top 10 anti-aging herbs #8 Hongjingtian – Rhodiola

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There is no record of rhodiola in ancient Chinese medicine. The herb is a new anti-aging medicine discovered in recent years. It produces outstanding results in nourishing vitality, reducing excess heat, detoxifying the body, calming the mind and improving mental agility. Its toning functions are similar to those of ginseng. Regular use can protect the body from chills and fatigue, slow the growth of cancerous cells and defer senility.


Top 10 anti-aging herbs #9 Jiaogulan – Gynostemma tea

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Gynostemma tea

Ancient Chinese medicine has no record of this herb. But recent research has found that it is helpful in anti-aging, boosting energy, combating cancer and adjusting endocrine levels. Regular use can improve the immune system, reduce cholesterol, prevent tumors, treat ulcers, relieve stress and ease pain.

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