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6 Tips to Increase Productivity and Improve Your Organizational Skills!

01/04/2013 1 comment


By: Brian Tracy

By: Brian Tracy

Here are six time management tips that you can use to improve your organizational skills and increase productivity. The more of these tools you learn to use, the more that you will get done each day.

Time Management Tip #1: Prepare in Advance

First, prepare your work list for the following day the evening or night before. The best exercise for you is  to plan your entire next day as the last thing you do before coming home from work. When you plan your day the night before, your subconscious then goes to work on your plans and goals while you are asleep. Very often you will wake up in the morning with ideas and insights that apply to the work of the day. Read more…


Social Anxiety – Learning to Cope with the Effects!

11/03/2013 Leave a comment

social anxiety

Social anxiety is a form of anxiety that may leave someone inept to socialize within the public. This may occur for a variety of reasons, but understanding what it is and how it effects you, will in-time give you the ability to overcome it. This article explains what social anxiety is, how it may relate to you, and tips for overcoming it. Hopefully, after reading this article you will be able to face your fears and overcome social isolation.

It may not be easy for everyone to socialize with others as the norm of being alone may seem like a behavior that is not within your comfort level. For others, socializing may seem second nature as it just occurs naturally and without hesitation.

Would you consider yourself someone who shies away from socializing with others within the public? Do you fear meeting others, or find yourself more entertained while being alone? If you answered yes to any one of the above questions you may suffer from a form of anxiety called anti-social anxiety. If you find that you have these feelings of ineptitude, here are a couple of tips to help you eliminate your anti-social tendencies.  Read more…

5 Great Reasons to Study Human Development !

24/02/2013 Leave a comment


By Kendra Cherry, Guide

Are you thinking about taking a class in development? Whether you want to take just one course or devote your entire education to studying the topic, there are plenty of great reasons to learn more about human development. If you are majoring in psychology, education or a medical field, some background knowledge of how people grow and change throughout life is essential. In addition to gaining a better understanding of others, studying human development can also provide greater personal insight.

1. Studying development helps you better understand yourself

We were all kids once, so learning more about how children develop and grow can provide additional insight in the person you have become. Studying development can also help you learn more about your future. By understanding the aging process, you’ll be better prepared when you face issues associated with growing older. Read more…

How to Improve Your Memory- tip #2 – Make time for friends and fun!

23/02/2013 1 comment


When you think of ways to improve memory, do you think of “serious” activities such as wrestling with the New York Times crossword puzzle or mastering chess strategy, or do more lighthearted pastimes—hanging out with friends or enjoying a funny movie—come to mind? If you’re like most of us, it’s probably the former. But countless studies show that a life that’s full of friends and fun comes with cognitive benefits.

Healthy relationships: the ultimate memory booster?

Humans are highly social animals. We’re not meant to survive, let alone thrive, in isolation. Relationships stimulate our brains—in fact, interacting with others may be the best kind of brain exercise.

Research shows that having meaningful relationships and a strong support system are vital not only to emotional health, but also to brain health. In one recent study from the Harvard School of Public Health, for example, researchers found that people with the most active social lives had the slowest rate of memory decline.

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How to Improve Your Memory- tip #1 – Don’t skimp on exercise or sleep

23/02/2013 12 comments


A strong memory depends on the health and vitality of your brain. Whether you’re a student studying for final exams, a working professional interested in doing all you can to stay mentally sharp, or a senior looking to preserve and enhance your grey matter as you age, there are lots of things you can do to improve your memory and mental performance.

Harnessing the power of your brain

They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but when it comes to the brain, scientists have discovered that this old adage simply isn’t true. The human brain has an astonishing ability to adapt and change—even into old age. This ability is known as neuroplasticity. With the right stimulation, your brain can form new neural pathways, alter existing connections, and adapt and react in ever-changing ways.

The brain’s incredible ability to reshape itself holds true when it comes to learning and memory. You can harness the natural power of neuroplasticity to increase your cognitive abilities, enhance your ability to learn new information, and improve your memory.

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