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Video: Egyptian police arrest 8 in Shia murder!

Horrifying videos and pictures that have surfaced on the internet show an angry mob of several hundreds beating to death the men and then dragging their bodies through the town.

Eye witnesses say the attackers were led by extremist Salafi Sheikhs and the same Shiekh’s have been advocating against Shias for weeks in the small village. 

The Egyptian President alongside the Prime Minister were quick to condemn the attack and said that swift action will be taken to bring the perpetrators of the’ heinous’ crime to justice.

Other major political opposition figures have also strongly condemned the attack and added that the President himself bears responsibility for the attack after attending a mass rally of his supporters where several Salafi Sheikhs insulted Shiasm.

Anti-Shia rhetoric has been spreading by Salafi extremists due to the unrest in Syria.

Many believe that Morsi and his government have been too tolerant towards the anti-Shia hate speeches made by Salafi clerics to garner Salafi support ahead of the June 30th protests.

The opposition has called for mass rallies on the first anniversary of the inauguration of president Morsi , calling for early presidential elections to take place after what they have called repeated failures by Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood as well as their attempts to tighten their grip on power by excluding other factions.

The sectarian crime against Shias on Sunday has raised the alarm for many here in Egypt not only of the possibility of similar crimes happening in the future if instigation is not put to an end, but also fears of wider bloodshed as a result of the tensions building up on both pro and anti Morsi camps ahead of the june 30th protests.


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