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Lychee Fruit Benefits and Nutrition Facts: The gift for a joyful life!

hs_lycheeDelicious and juicy lychee or “Litchi” , translated from Chinese as ‘gift for a joyful life’, surely lives up to its name. The lychee fruit contains vitamins and minerals that promote a healthy diet.

Prevents growth of cancer cells:

Lychees is actually Natural Cancer Treatment, it helps  prevent the development of cancer cells as retain the flavones quercetin as well as kaempferol as effective substances in cutting the expansion of cancer cells. It helps prevent the Breast as well as cancer of the prostate.

Lychees consist of a lot more Beta-carotene as compared to carrots. The anti-oxidant combat against most cancers.

Lowers risk of heart disease:

The Journal of Nutrition found that lychee fruit has got the second-highest degree of polyphenols, which usually promoted heart health, of all fruits examined. Lychees have got nearly 15% a lot more polyphenols as compared to grapes (which are generally regarded as the key method of obtaining polyphenols).

Oligonol(R) also has proven enhanced cardio performance. Lychees consist of a lot more Beta-carotene when compared with carrots. The anti-oxidant offers numerous health advantages, which includes improving immunity, slowing down the advancement of cataracts, as well as blocking cardiovascular disease as well as most cancers.

Fight colds and sore throat and boost up the immune system:

The fruit is really an abundant method of obtaining vitamin C. It includes 40 % a lot more vitamin C as compared to orange juice. A 100 gram offering supplies about 70 mg, or even 117 % of the suggested every day worth. Foods full of vitamin C assist to increase the human body’s immunity. They assist the body to build up a greater resistance to bacterial infections. Frequent usage of lychee fruit can easily avoid regular common colds, flu virus as well as a sore throat. It may also help to ease inflammation and pain.

Helps with Weight loss:

Lychee fruits are generally lower in calories, consists of no saturated fats or even cholesterol levels, yet full of soluble fiber which usually, can be quite essential for people who are worried about their excessive body weight.

Oligonol, a minimal molecular weight polyphenol discovered generously within lychee fruit. Oligonol has been discovered to have a number of Anti-oxidant, Anti-influenza virus actions. Additionally, it will help enhance blood circulation within organs, shed extra pounds.

Good for gastrointestinal health

The seed contained in this particular fresh fruit is astringent and is also utilized for intestinal tract problems and also to be free from the body of intestinal worms. Differing parts of the lychee tree will also be recommended for slight Diarrhea, gastralgia as well as stomach ulcers. Lychee flesh is recognized as an excellent antacid. It really is utilized to deal with Higher acidity, nausea as well as dyspepsia.

Acts as an Aphrodisiac:

Lychee includes a long-standing custom in Chinese culture just as one aphrodisiac, in accordance with Nick Ray within his book “Cambodia.” Lychee is usually pressed in a sweet-tasting wine to obtain its sexual improvement capabilities, Ray states. These types of unusual fruits look like oversize chestnuts which has a milky, gentle interior which has a demure sweet taste. Although there’s no conclusive substance within lychee which could be the cause of its aphrodisiac status, it features an abundant quantity of vitamin C, potassium as well as copper favorable to the healthy body.

High in copper and potassium:

Lychee also includes an excellent quantity of minerals just like potassium as well as copper. Potassium is a crucial element of cell and the entire body fluids help manage heart rate as well as Blood pressure level; therefore provides safety from Heart stroke as well as Coronary Heart Diseases. Copper is needed in the manufacture of red blood cells

Cures Constipation:

Simply because Lychees consist of soluble fiber, they are able to assist with digestion and stop bowel problems. Moreover, they assist in keeping the stomach free from toxic compounds and may in addition help clean the colon.

Prevents anemia:

Lychees are definitely the abundant supply of copper that is significantly required for the development of RBC (Red Blood Cells).

Helps fight stress:

The B group of vitamins is just not generally present in fruits. A single serving of lychee can easily provide an abundant supply of vitamin B6, one of the so-called anti-stress nutritional vitamins.

Maintain healthy bones:

Litchi can also be a wealthy source of phosphorus as well as magnesium which will help to support powerful bones, as well as the trace minerals copper as well as manganese.

Lychee is probably the very few fruits abundant with copper. Along with zinc , copper boosts the effectiveness of Vitamin D, which usually increases the assimilation of calcium.

Beautify the Skin

Person who is suffering from acne and spots, then it is required that you have to consume Lychees as much as possible. Lychee’s helps to nourish your skin of oils which can help reduce the growth of acne. This fruit refines your skin when enjoyed at no limit. Refining of the skin leads to less spots on your face.






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