The Benefits of Organic Clothing!


By: Brenda Hoffman

Regardless as to whether or not you are concerned with the environment, there are still a lot of benefits to wearing organic clothing. You may not even be aware of all of these benefits yet. Nevertheless, once you do learn about these things you will probably want to make sure that you add some of this type of clothing to your wardrobe. You may even choose to completely redo your wardrobe with nothing but organic clothing.

There are actually many different materials that organic clothing can be made from. These materials include hemp, soy, wool, cotton and bamboo, just to name a few. In order to figure out which material is best for you, there are some things that you need to know:

1.Soy feels a lot smoother than cashmere. It is also a lot more durable and can be dyed many different colors. 

2.Organic wool is made from sheep who have been farmed on organically certified soil.

3.Both cotton and hemp are commonly available. These materials are extremely durable and very efficient to produce. It is interesting to note that organic cotton has exactly the same qualities as non-organic cotton.

4.Bamboo trees grow rapidly. In fact, they can actually grow several inches each day. The pulp of this tree is as smooth in texture as silk but it feels better on your skin. It is also highly breathable and resistant to UV rays.

Now that you are able to understand what these different materials are like, you will also want to know what the benefits to choosing them are. These include:

1.This type of clothing contains no harmful dyes that you could possibly be allergic to.

2.It is friendlier to the environment, which is important since the clothing industry causes more pollution than any other industry does.

3.Farmers who farm cotton use a lot of pesticides which causes them to suffer from some serious health problems. You can help keep them healthy by deciding to purchase non-cotton clothes and thus encouraging them to farm organic clothing materials instead.

Regardless as to what type of organic material your clothes are made out of, you will experience many great benefits to wearing organic clothing. So, you will definitely want to try organic clothing. Most of the time you will have to purchase this type of clothing online but you can also find some of it being sold at Wal-Mart and Target. You should also know that you will be paying around $10 more for an organic T-shirt than you would for a non-organic one but in the end it will be well worth the money that you spend.

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